MAC Roofing 40th Anniversary Celebrations!!

Join in the fun with our Rubik’s Cube competition

At MAC Roofing, we’re extremely proud to have been solving our Clients’ roofing and cladding problems for 40 Years…

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we have produced a limited number of special MAC Roofing branded Rubik’s Cubes and we invite our customers to have a go at solving it!

As a little incentive, we are also offering a £10 Amazon voucher to the first 40 people who can solve just one side of the puzzle. The side we would like you to complete is the one with our 40th Anniversary logo on, as per the image below.

All you need to do is take a photo of yourself holding the correct completed face and email it over to And if you’re one of the first 40 people we’ll send you your prize!

And an even better prize if you can complete the whole cube

Have you got what it takes to solve the MAC Rubik's Cube Challenge?

What’s more, we will be awarding a £150 Amazon voucher to the first 2 people who are able to solve the whole cube (without cheating!). To prove that you’ve cracked it, simply email us a selfie with you holding the cube showing 3 completed sides.

Take a look below to see the completed cube that you need to aim for…

So why not join us in our celebrations and take your opportunity to solve a different kind of problem?!

You could even pocket yourself a nice little voucher in the process!

Please note that the closing date is the 40th day of 2016 – i.e. 9th February 2016!