MAC’s Gone MAD!

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To quote our quest in how the best get better and to show how MAC ‘Makes a Difference’, we have now launched the MAC Academy – a not for profit registered Charity specific to our Sector.

As you know, we have now completed the structure and furnishing of Unit 2 and this is initially being used for quarterly progress meetings and for whole of Company updates with Team Leaders. However, this facility will also be used to offer development, knowledge sharing and training opportunities for new Apprentices, working Partnerships and work experience, helping to nurture and develop people skills within the Construction Industry.

There is no other localised Academy or Centre that offers this facility so we have decided to do it ourselves and at the same time ‘give something back to the community and the Industry’.

Click our Web link here for our full MAC’s gone MADPhilosophy Policy and watch this space for further details in the next MAC Messenger Issue 3.