Built-Up Felt Roofing

High performance, multi-layer protection

Reinforced bituminous membranes, also known as built-up felt roofing, are a tried and tested method of providing reliable, quality waterproofing. These membranes have evolved with the times and modern options include polymer modified bitumen technology to provide the perfect combination of low temperature flexibility and high temperature stability. Reinforced bituminous membranes are typically combined in two or three layers to offer long-lasting weatherproof protection. They can also be combined with high performance thermal insulation to meet a variety of warm roof and inverted roof specifications.
There are several techniques for applying felt – depending on the materials used, and client requirements. Pour and roll systems involve the felt membranes being rolled into hot bitumen, whilst torch-on roofing involves using professional torches to melt the bitumen on the back of the membrane and bond it to the substrate. There are also cold methods of installing reinforced bituminous membranes, such as through the use of mechanical fixings or self-adhesive technology.

Features and benefits of reinforced bituminous membranes:

  • Proven roofing systems, successfully specified for over 50 years
  • Multi-layer waterproof protection
  • Versatile systems, suitable for both new build and refurbishment
  • Long-lasting protection, with guarantees of up to 30 years available
  • Robust waterproofing that is highly resistant to foot traffic
  • Suitable for all surface types - flat, pitched or curved

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