Concrete and Clay Tiling

Economic, low maintenance pitch roof protection

Concrete and clay tiles have been used for centuries to provide an attractive, long-lasting waterproof roof. Today, a wide choice of colours, shapes and profiles are available, and modern tiling systems may be plain, overlapping or interlocking to suit the client’s requirement.

Clay tiles are produced by baking moulded clay into a tile, and their density is determined by the length of time and temperature at which they are heated. Various glazing and texture options are available, and a clay roof will produce a naturally attractive appearance that will mature over time.

Concrete tiles are made of cement, sand and water in varying proportions. The material is mixed and extruded on moulds under high pressure, and the surface may be finished with a textured appearance or a variety of coloured additives. Concrete tiles are particularly robust, ensuring durable protection for the building beneath.

Features and benefits of clay and cement tiling:

  • Highly durable and weather resistant
  • Low maintenance during their long design life
  • Aesthetically appealing colours, textures and shapes available
  • Matching accessories including hip and ridge tiles
  • Dry-fix and ventilated options
  • Tried and tested, economic pitched roof protection