Sustainable Roofing Systems

Helping meet legislation and environmental targets

In today’s push to operate sustainably and reduce carbon footprints, the environmental performance of a building can be equally as important as the other functions it fulfils. Construction projects therefore demand the use of products that are responsibly sourced, efficient to install and ultimately recyclable.

Within MAC’s portfolio is a variety of roofing and waterproofing systems that can help meet increasingly stringent legislative and environmental requirements. These include thermally efficient insulated roof build-ups, photovoltaic energy roofs and green roof landscaping finishes. Many systems are also rated as A or A+ in accordance with the BRE Green Guide to Specification.

Features and benefits of sustainable roofing systems:

  • Helps meet sustainability and environmental targets
  • BRE Green Guide rated systems
  • Range of green roof systems including extensive, intensive and biodiverse (brown) options
  • High efficiency photovoltaic energy roofs
  • Systems available that are both manufactured from recycled materials and recyclable after service
  • Completely UK manufactured system options, reducing carbon-footprint from delivery