Ealing MSU

Project Overview

This high profile health sector project included a range of different waterproofing systems and presented a number of complex challenges. Installing the hot melt waterproofing to the narrow gutters was very tricky as there was not much room to work in, and this was especially challenging when it came to insulating and flagging these areas. In addition, a number of complicated details had to be formed where different types of waterproofing met – e.g. where the slate roofing met the metal cladding, where the metal cladding met the hot melt membrane, and even when all three systems met together!

The Solution

MAC Roofing’s team of in-house joiners initially set about carefully fixing brackets to the steel works that had been provided. The positioning of these brackets had to be extremely accurate in order to fix the timber joists. On these pitched roof areas, underfelt, battening and slates were subsequently installed in conformance with BS 5534.

An inverted roof system was specified for the flat roof areas, and MAC’s Operatives expertly installed the hot melt waterproofing, XPS insulation and ballast accordingly. Our Cladders also worked wonders with the Vieo Zinc Cladding which was installed to the top and side of the plant rooms.

Aside from the various technical difficulties experienced on this project, the weather also proved to be a major challenge, especially during the winter months. It was particularly difficult trying to keep water out of the building whilst other trades worked underneath. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, MAC Roofing was able to deliver a first class result for the Client. Exceptional project management and efficient planning meant that the project ran smoothly, on time and to budget.

Ealing MSU roofing project
Ealing MSU roofing project

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Systems Used

Hot Melt
Traditional Slating
Zinc Wall Cladding

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