St. Columba’s Church, Liverpool

Project Overview

Saint Columba URC is a relatively young church, having been built in 1964. This project involved the complete renewal of the church roof, which incorporated a dual pitch 65-degree slope covered in rosemary tile on felt and batten. The specification required everything to be removed and for 120mm thick insulation to be installed between spars where none existed before. Icopal’s Decra Stratos Lightweight Roof Tiles in Pepperstone were then specified as the finished waterproofing layer. Due to the acute angle of the roof, all scaffolding had to be specially designed and an effective method put in place to install the new Decra system.

The Solution

As the 4 lift scaffold sat on the roof, MAC’s Operatives started at the top on one side and removed the original roof from ridge down to the top boarded lift, and then completed the installation of insulation, new felt and battens and Decra tiles. Once this top section was complete, the MAC Team was able to do the same on the opposite side whilst the top lift scaffold was removed on the completed area. This method was then repeated, zig zagging from one pitch to the other and completing the roof in an efficient manner from top to bottom. Once the bottom was reached, all eight outlets were re-felted and the tiles completed to this detail.

The church remained closed during the project as the internal ceiling made of T&G provided the only barrier between the original roof and the inside, and, as such, a lot of dust would have entered the building whilst removing the original roofing. MAC worked closely with the architect and church at all times, and delivered a project which all were delighted with. One month after completion a service was held on Sunday to bless the new roof, and this was also attended by representatives from the project team.

St. Columba's Church - rerooting project
St. Columba's Church, Liverpool - MAC Roofing

Project Information


St. Columba's United Reform Church

Systems Used

Decra Lightweight Composite Tiles

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